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Eslabon Security AgencySteel is an English word that in its conservative meaning symbolizes strength and stability. Steel and / or hard object in Spanish is Eslabon and ESLABON SECURITY AGENCY, strives to be a symbol not only of strength and stability but as a bastion of safety and security. Eslabon Security Agency is a” chip off the old block” and a bearer of a tradition;” the youngest of the brood” these are the monikers that aptly describe the newest and most promising of all security agencies in the industry this decade. The Eslabon Security Agency is the latest addition to the illustrious forebear, the Shooters Security Services, the undisputable hotel, high rise condominiums, upscale residential enclaves, and malls quality security provider and The 1st Eagle Guard Security Services, the widely known manufacturing, mining & high rise building protector.

Behind its creation and operation are the experts in the security industry and ample financial backing to ably deliver the quality security service discriminating companies   deserve.


To be  acclaimed nationwide as a quality security service provider  in various field of endeavors, namely; construction, industrial, manufacturing, entertainment, residential, hotel, transportation and the like  with  the employment of highly motivated, properly trained, physically adept and mentally sharp security personnel with due regard to  human rights, the environment and the rule of law.


To deliver quality security services of   protecting persons from all risks of injuries and losses, their property from loss or damage with due regard to legal procedures and to achieve the best conditions for their work forces.

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Address: The Eslabon Place, 118 Balagtas Street, Pasay City, Philippines, 1300

Trunkline: 02 524-4575


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